Covid-19 info

We at VR Junkies take our role in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus seriously and have taken the initiative to ensure that we are providing a safe and fun environment for you and your loved ones. In accordance with state and federal health guidelines, we have made a few changes designed to support physical distancing and increased airflow within the arcade, and have instituted the following rules for playing in the arcade:

Rule 1:  All guests and staff must wear a mask properly fitted over both the mouth and nose at all times. (disposable masks available for $1)

Rule 2:  The arcade is limited to a maximum of eight (10) guests simultaneously. 

Rule 3:  All the equipment is sanitized with medical-grade alcohol pads after every use and high touch surfaces are sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available to both staff and guests.

Rule 4:  Headset sharing is not allowed at this time.

Racing pods are currently unavailable due to physical distancing requirements.  Additionally, we have curated and streamlined our game library to minimize time spent choosing your title and maximize playtime.  If you don't see your favorite listed or are interested in a specific title, please ask a team member, and we will happy to set it up for you if we have it.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation while these new rules are in effect as we strive to ensure our arcade remains clean and safe for everyone.

-The Junkies Team

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