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How do I hold or make my party reservation?

Answer: Fill out this form completely.  You will be sent a quote.  If you accept the quote, you will be sent an invoice.  Every invoice requires a deposit.  Pay the deposit from your invoice and your reservation will be held.  Failure to reply/pay the deposit will result in your time slot being given away.  A full refund can be issued up to 48 hours before your party.  Any other changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to the start of the party.

I don't want a party, I just want to make a reservation...... click here.


How many people do I need to reserve a party?

Answer: Minimum required is 6.  If you have less than 6 people, it is more economical to pay our standard per-minute charge.  However, if you have less than 6 players and still want to rent out the store, you would pay the standard party price of $250 for the first hour.

If you have less than 6 players you can always make a reservation on our online reservation page.


What's the difference between a reservation and a party?

Answer: A reservation only holds a time slot for your group of players.

A party will close the store to all walk-in customers, plus you get a dedicated host, and finally, there are free group photos in our chroma key booth.


How many games can my party play?

Answer:  1 group game.  Additional group games are $25 each.  Our group game recommendations for 6 players include:

  • Smashbox Arena

  • Raw Data

  • Battlewake

  • Skyfront

  • Battle Dome

  • oVRshot


Can we play individual games at my party?

Answer:  No.  Controls vary from game-to-game and the staff cannot run from person-to-person if they get stuck playing a game no one else is.


How long can my party go?

Answer:  The first hour is $250.  Every additional half-hour is $100.  Keep in mind only 6 people can play at one time.  If you have 12 or 18 players in your party, figure out how long each group will play.  If you want each group to play 20 minutes, you will need 90 minutes - that will build-in time to include the safety briefing and swapping each group in and out.


Do you provide food or drinks?

We can provide water, but that is it.  You are welcome to bring a cake or other snacks - we can provide a table.

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